A woman tells what life lesson Jesus taught her when she was dead for some time.

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A woman named Betty Eadie shared her experience about how she met Jesus Christ and what life lessons Jesus taught her.

Betty Eadie had a near-death experience in 1973 during her partial hysterectomy surgery when she was 31.

Betty explained this experience as she felt this sensation of her spirit coming out of her body at tremendous speed, and she could see her own body lying on a bed.

Eadie was unaware of her death, but three ancient guys later informed her that she had passed away. After seeing a glimpse of her life and loved ones, Betty's soul led to a tunnel where she met Jesus Christ.

According to Betty Eadie, Jesus hugged her and taught her everything about the meaning of life and how God created universal law and order applied to everything and everyone. Using these laws, people could attract anything toward them, whether wealth or poverty, positive or negative, bliss or misery.

After giving her life lesson, Jesus told her that it was not her time yet, so she had to return to her physical body. But before coming back, Betty also got a chance to meet God, whom she described as the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Five years after this incident, she told everything to her doctor, who confirmed that she had been medically dead for some time during her surgery.

Nearly 20 years later, Betty decided to share these teachings of Jesus with everyone through a book called Embraced by the Light.

Betty sold more than 6 million copies of her book and stayed New York Times best-seller for more than two years.

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