2 cities in Florida are mentioned in the list of most rat-infested cities in America

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As we all know, living in rat-infested cities is a horrific experience for ordinary citizens because they can infect humans directly with various diseases.

According to experts, a single female rat can give birth to 6 to 12 babies at once, and a breeding pair of rats can produce 15,000 offspring in one year.

According to the Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, rats are implicated as carriers of over 35 different diseases, ranging from typhus to the bubonic plague.

Today we will discuss two Florida cities that come on the list of 50 most rat-infested in America.

1. Miami

Miami is the 20th most rat-infested city in the United States according to the latest ranking by Orkin.

Miami is the second most populated city in Florida, and the rat population is increasing in this city because of climate issues, garbage containers, and even from unharvested fruit and nuts from plants that can attract rats.

2. Tampa

Tampa is the 50th most rat-infested city in the United States according to the latest ranking by Orkin.

Tampa is the third most populated city in Florida. This city's rat population increased when local pest control companies saw an increase in rat-related complaints as more Tampa residents stayed at home during the epidemic.

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