A dangerous invasive species of giant lizard in Florida

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Some very interesting animals are roaming in our world, one of which is this dog-sized lizard that has become an internet sensation.

A new invasive species of dog-sized lizard called Tegus.

Florida has an invasive reptile problem, and it's not just the Burmese python but also a giant lizard.

The Argentina black and white tegu, a giant lizard growing up to four feet in length, has already increased widely throughout south Florida.

Tegus are native to Argentina and are known for their white and black spotted skin. They are omnivorous lizards and frequently four feet long.

If tegu is established, they will consume a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, birds, and reptiles—additionally, they like eggs, which raises questions about the survival of nearby animals like turtles.

A biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, Amy Yackel Adams, said that the lizards were first brought to the U.S. as pets. However, as some escaped or were released into the wild, they began to spread. Now experts say it's becoming a problem, as they can be particularly dangerous to endangered species in the area.

According to National Geographic, the spread is difficult to control once established in an area.

In addition, because they are resourceful and elusive, preventing or reducing their spread is difficult after the species has been established. Female tegus release 30 eggs each year and can live for 15 to 20 years.

The lizard loves subtropical environments with high rainfall, so it picked the southeastern United States to invade. The tegu population may also grow as this weather pattern moves northward due to climate change.

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