Up to $1,700 of stimulus payment is coming for millions of Americans

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As we all know, residents from all around the country continue to suffer from the effects of high inflation. For example, gas and food prices are still rising compared to the previous year.

In response to the rise in food and fuel costs, numerous US states have passed laws allowing people to distribute stimulus cheques or tax refunds to relieve the present economic crisis.

On the 13th of July, the government also states that costs for everything, including food, rent, and groceries, are rising.

So due to the cost of living crisis, some states will give thousands of dollars to millions of Americans.

Here is the list of some states where residents may receive stimulus and rebate checks

1. South Carolina

Residents of South Carolina will get up to $800 of income tax refund checks as per Gov. Henry McMaster's approved plan.

Residents who paid taxes will get a rebate, with the amount rising dependent on their tax liability, up to an $800 cap per filing.

According to The Center Square, individuals who paid $800 or less will receive a complete refund, accounting for 33 percent of taxpayers.

The refunds are provided per person, depending on whether you filed jointly or individually. Those who did not pay income taxes, which accounts for around 44 percent of South Carolina residents, will not get a payment.

2. California

Governor Gavin Newsom has announced an agreement on the state's yearly budget, which includes a direct payment of up to $1,050.

Residents of California who earn up to $75,000 for individuals or $150,000 for joint filers will receive $350 per taxpayer under the proposed tax rebate plan, plus an additional $350 if they have at least one dependent. Therefore, a single parent would earn $700, while a family with two parents would receive $1,050.

3. Maine

Residents of Maine will get up to $1,700 of stimulus payment as per Governor Janet Mills approved plan.

Checks of $850 are issued to eligible individuals, while the average family receives $1,700.

To receive this payment, individuals must not exceed $100,000 in income, and heads of the household and couples can have an income of $150,000 and $200,000.

According to the state, people who qualify should get their checks by the middle of July.

4. Lowa

Low-income people in this state will get $1,400 stimulus checks through a Direct Assistance Program.

Those experiencing food insecurity or job loss are eligible for this payment or who have been previously excluded from federal stimulus payments.

To receive this payment, a person must earn less than $45,370 for a single person, up to $51,870 for a two-person family, and up to $64,805 for a four-person household.

According to the state, people who meet the requirements should get their checks soon.

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