Major food shortages could come to Georgia

Alissa Rose

As we all know, residents of Georgia are already paying record-high prices for everything. Food, gas, and housing prices are putting pressure on Georgians and might rise considerably more.

High food prices are causing a global crisis that will drive millions of people into extreme poverty, hunger, and malnutrition.

Fear of a global food crisis is growing due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, climate change, and rising inflation that could lead to food shortages in the United States.

Importing food from Russia and Ukraine will become more difficult in the coming months and years. It will affect everyone in the United States, including Georgia.

Most of us are unaware of many inequalities in our societies. For example, people experience hunger in every district and county in the whole state of Georgia.

The Agricultural Price Index is 34% higher as of June 30, 2022, compared to January 2021. Maize and wheat prices are 47% and 42% higher, respectively, compared to January 2021, while rice prices are down about 8%.

According to IRI (Information Resources. Inc.), approximately 18% of bakery products, 15% of candy, 16% of frozen foods, and 18% of beverages were out of stock at the supermarkets.

In Georgia, consumers spent more than 17% on meat, poultry, and eggs, 10.9% on cereals, and 5.4% on fruits and vegetables.

According to Feeding America, in Georgia, 1,279,310 people face hunger, and 377,400 of them are children. In addition, the food insecurity rate in Georgia is 14.1%.

Families living with food insecurity are more likely to have additional issues. For example, increased food insecurity can exacerbate health conditions such as chronic health conditions relating to insufficient food supply and nutrients. In addition, food insecurity can increase mental stress like anxiety and depression.

The coming food shortages threaten a further increase in food insecurity in Georgia.

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