2 fastest-growing cities in Ohio

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As we all know, Ohio is one of the most beautiful states in America because of with breathtaking natural beauty and numerous lovely small villages and larger cities to discover.

According to the US Census Bureau, Ohio is the 7th largest state in America, with a population of approximately 11,727,377 residents.

Over the previous ten years, the population of Ohio's cities and towns has doubled. In addition, the population increased by 2.3 percent to 11.9 million people.

A range of factors influences the population growth in cities and towns across the United States. For example, when the population rises, individuals can find better employment opportunities, the death rate may decrease, the birth rate may increase, and the cost of living may decrease.

There are many reasons people move to Ohio, such as many good entertainment opportunities, good job opportunities, best educational facilities, affordable housing, low cost of living, and good healthcare facilities.

Today we will discuss the two fastest-growing cities in Ohio.

1. Columbus

Columbus is one of the fastest-growing cities in Ohio, with a population of approximately 49,786 residents. Since 2010 the population has increased by 12.99%.

However, Columbus is the largest city in Ohio. The median household income in Columbus is $81,811, with a poverty rate of 13.83%.

The reasonably affordable cost of living in Columbus, when compared to other large metropolitan regions, is one of its finest features. While the average yearly pay is only slightly lower than the national average, property sales prices, monthly rentals, and total living costs are cheaper here than in other big cities.

2. Dublin

Dublin is the second-fastest-growing city in Ohio, with a population of approximately 1,255,963 residents. Since 2010 the population has increased by 25.7%.

However, Dublin is the 20th largest city in Ohio. In Dublin, 2.5 percent of individuals earn less than the poverty line, and 2.1 percent of children are poor. In Dublin, 2.4 percent of households fall below the poverty line per-household basis.

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