Eligible Pennsylvania residents may receive a payment of $2000

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As we all know, prices are rising in Pennsylvania, as gas costs $4.202 per gallon, diesel costs $5.358 per gallon, and grocery prices are rising. So due to the cost of living crisis, millions of Americans in Pennsylvania could receive a $2,000 stimulus check.

Pennsylvania legislators have come up with a new plan which would send payments directly to citizens of the state who earn less than $80,000 per year.

Governor Wolf suggested using $500 million of funding from the American Rescue Plan, which the Biden administration passed in March 2021, to provide direct payments to households.

On Wednesday, Governor Wolf stated that "The rising cost of everything from gas, housing, and grocery prices has forced many families to make a living. Pennsylvanians deserve to be supported and successful."

Governor Wolf also believes that by giving direct payments to Pennsylvania citizens, they will be able to spend the money on the things that matter most to their family members. In addition, he expects the money to be paid partly to local businesses that are still suffering.

The governor proposed a $1.7 billion proposal that includes $225 million for small-business help, $204 million for property tax relief, $325 million for Pennsylvania's healthcare system, and $450 million for community conservation, preservation, and regeneration.

Governor Wolf requested that the Republican leaders "Come on board and get a bill for this program on his desk quickly."

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