2 fastest-growing cities in Georgia

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Georgia is one of the most popular states due to its natural beauty and numerous tourist attractions, such as mountain landscapes, the largest aquarium, a botanic garden, and historical sites.

The population of Georgia has increased by 9.43% from 2010 to 2020, and it is the 8th most populous state in America.

There are many reasons people are moving to Georgia, such as the beautiful warm weather, jobs opportunities, low-cost living, educational facilities, productive economy, natural beauty, and unique cities.

Today we will discuss the fastest growing cities in Georgia.

1. Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and the fastest-growing city, with a population of approximately 532,695 residents. Since 2010 population has increased by 26.83%.

Atlanta also has the 10th largest economy in the United States and the 20th largest in the world.

In addition, the city has been attracting big business in the transportation, logistic, warehousing, and wholesale trade. Atlanta is also the 3rd most important centre for Fortune 500 companies in the United States, including the headquarters of the famous Coca-Cola.

Atlanta is well known for its music scenes, fantastic restaurants, art, history, distinct culture, and affordable places to live.

2. Chamblee

Chamblee is a great city to live with a population of about 32,251 residents. Since 2010 population has increased by 226.03%.

The job market increased by 2.9% in the last year. Future job growth is expected to be 44.7 per cent over the next ten years, which is greater than the United States average of 33.5 per cent.

Chamblee is an amazing place for history lovers and those who enjoy modern conveniences.

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