A massive increase in gas prices is coming again in the United States

Alissa Rose

As we all know, some conditions in the United States are getting worse day by day, like many things that will be more expensive in 2022, and the rise in gas prices is one of them.

According to the American Accounting Association (AAA), the national average gas price is $3.54 per gallon, up from $2.66 a year ago. That figure is expected to rise even more as the summer months approach when more people will be on the road.

Gas prices in the United States are rising as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues. According to the national average, on Thursday, a gallon of standard gas price was $3.54, and on Monday, it rose to $3.61.

Tom Kloza, an energy analyst with the Oil Price Information Service, told CNN that the national average could easily rise to $4 a gallon in March. Kloza also predicted that the $4.11 per gallon US average gas price set in 2008 would be broken this summer.

Some states are already paying $4 a gallon. On Saturday, California had the highest average gas price in the country, at $4.81 a gallon and $4 in Oregon, Nevada, Washington, and Hawaii.

According to De Haan, President Joe Biden has promised to try to protect Americans from rising gas prices, but his options are limited.

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