These are fastest growing cities in Florida.

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According to the U.S Census Bureau, Florida is one of the most popular states in the country, as well as the 5th fastest-growing state.

It is possible that one day, the Sunshine State may become the most populous state in the country. Because growth has slowed in California and Texas.

Immigration trends have added about 2.5 million residents to Florida from Latin American countries during the past decade.

There are many reasons people move to this state, such as climate, job opportunities, regional affordability, warm weather, beach life, and entertainment.

Here are the fastest-growing cities in Florida.

1. Miami

Miami is the fastest growing city in Florida because the city's housing stock is expanding the most rapidly, with multi-family completions representing about 5.4 percent of current inventory as of November.

In Miami, around 55% of the population comes from a foreign origin, so the city attracts workers not only from the United State but from all over the world.

Above-average growth in jobs is +2.5 percent this year. And currently, around 16,200 units are under construction.

This is one of the best destinations for startups or new businesses and encourages the real estate market.

2. Tampa

Tampa is a wonderful city on the Gulf Coast. It is the 3rd most populous city in Florida, with a population of around 400,000 residents.

More than 6000 new residents are added to this city every year. And the Tampa job market is growing fastest than the United States average. And earnings of the individuals are also higher than the national average.

Tampa is a fantastic city. If you decide to move to Tampa, you'll enjoy many things like a beautiful restaurant, bar, and cafe.

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