An empath can gain resiliance.

Alishah Savage

With knowledge comes strength and empowerment.

Being an Empath can be rough. You can get drained mentally and physically quickly if you don’t know how to protect yourself spiritually. I remember a time in my life I’ve just about given up and isolated from the world and became a recluse. Though, in my solitude, I threw myself into my spiritual practices that have taught me to embrace the fact I was highly sensitive. I then became proactive in educating myself in being an Empath, and with that knowledge came power. Here are some things I use to protect my energy and help me cope.

1) Boundaries- Empaths are usually people pleasers to the extreme with those we care about. I wanted no one around me to feel uncomfortable or upset in any way, especially being able to sense the slightest change in mood or energy. I had a very hard time with using the word no, and many people would take advantage and treat me like a doormat. Well, the lesson was learned eventually and now I have absolutely no problem disagreeing with anything I don't agree with and can stick up for myself if need be! I am very selective with who I share my life with and spend time on as everyone should do! Access to you should be a privilege!

2) Get to know yourself better- Knowing and understanding what makes you tick most can be a preventative factor in having negative-vibration overload from others. Besides narcissistic people, certain scents and noises can make my sensitivity increase even more than normal and I will be outright uncomfortable and want to disappear, so I try to avoid those things the best that I can. If I go with someone to a social event, they will already know that I may have to step out at times or even leave early. Having that comfortability and communication with whoever I’m around is important.

3) Mindful meditations- It's not always easy for me to quiet my mind enough to do traditional meditation. With experimenting with what works for me, I've learned that listening to guided meditations using affirmations or guided meditations help get my energy is a good place. opracticing mindfulness while listening to something like binaural beats helps me. YouTube has a great selection of music to meditate with. I will visualize the healing energy of the music washing over me like a gentle wave, getting rid of any bad vibes I may have. Damn near feels like I’ve taken a spiritual shower when I am finished with my energy and mood restored and all the negative stuff washed away.

Life may be difficult sometimes with being a highly sensitive person, but if you have no choice in being an Empath, you might as well be an empowered one!

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