Couple kicks out their son after he revealed an embarrassing secret about his younger sister to her whole school

Alisha Starr

The dynamic between siblings can be difficult, especially when there's an age gap between them. The older brother in this story is 16 and his younger sister is 14. Their mother posted the story to ask for advice and said they got along very well until this recent event.

Her daughter has dentures because when she was eight she developed a rare infection that caused her to lose all of her teeth. She needed massive corrective work to even be able to wear dentures and have a functioning set of teeth. Unsurprisingly, going through this at such a young age was difficult for her and she's still in therapy to this day to deal with things.

She's also extremely self-conscious about them. None of her friends know about them and she won't even take them out in front of her family.

Last week, her brother somehow recorded a video of her taking out the dentures without her noticing. He then showed it to all of her friends when they were over. They've all turned on her and spread the information to other people. At this point, most of her schoolmates are teasing her nonstop. Her parents even had to have her phone number changed because kids were texting her "the most vile things imaginable."

She doesn't know where she went wrong but she's never been more ashamed of her son. After he initially showed the video, she helped her daughter through a panic attack and then called her father to come pick up her son. He's been staying with her parents two towns over since then.

Her parents didn't know what happened at first. But when they complained about having to drive him so far for school, she explained the situation and asked if they'd be willing to transfer him to the school closest to them and take him in until he turns 18.

They agreed but were shocked by this drastic move. She and her husband don't think they can have him in the house and they don't think their relationship can ever recover from this.

They know they're too emotionally charged to make a decision right now, though, so things are still up in the air. Over 4,000 people commented to give their advice and explain what they thought about the situation.

The comments are split. All agree that what their son did is terrible but not everyone thinks the way to solve this problem is by cutting off their son over this mistake. Many people are suggesting family therapy while still keeping the kids in separate households. Only they can make the decision for their family in the end.

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