Woman Kicked Out of Gym After Accusing Man of Checking Her Out—Turns Out He Worked There and Got Her Membership Revoked

Alisha Starr

Globally, there are over 184 million people with gym memberships. Many people joke about how hard it can be to cancel a gym membership, but in this woman's case, it was all too easy to get her membership taken away.

A video she was recording recently went viral. She accused a man behind her of "looking at her" and immediately got an attitude with him. He got upset, told her nobody was "looking at her any kinda way" and said if she wanted to act like this, she could leave.

She told him he doesn't own the gym, to which he revealed he works there. He told her he was going to call the police and have her trespassed. He followed through with his word. She ends the video by saying she was charged with trespassing and her membership was revoked.

She originally posted the video on TikTok looking for sympathy and for people to be on her side. But people were quick to take the side of the innocent man who was wrongly accused of harassment instead.

It's sparked a conversation about gym etiquette. Some think that it should be prohibited to record in gyms in the first place as it's supposed to be a comfortable public environment for people to work out without worrying about ending up on the internet.

Others say they understand how women can get on the defensive so quickly since they're frequently on the receiving end of inappropriate catcalls and other behavior that they didn't ask for.

What's your opinion?

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