Netflix Introduces Plan to Stop Password Sharing, Then Says It Was an "Error" After Heavy Online Controversy

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Netflix started with humble beginnings as a company that mailed out DVDs for its customers to watch at home. At the time, it was the only company with a process exactly like this. But it's possible no one could have predicted the popularity Netflix would gain once it later transitioned to a streaming service.

It currently holds a place as one of the most popular streaming services with a presence in over 190 countries and new content being added every day.

But even so, Netflix is losing subscribers in droves. Some reasons include ever-rising prices, increasing competition as more streaming services crop up, losing contracts to popular TV shows, and what some consider a declining quality of content.

Most recently, Netflix was the topic of some major online controversy when an announcement was made that they were finally implementing password-sharing restrictions. Many families and friend groups have one Netflix account, yet multiple users as they all share a login and enjoy content on their own page.

This is a way to cut down on costs for many. But Netflix announced a plan where each device logged into a specific Netflix account had to log in to the host wifi once every 31 days. In other words, your friends and family in other areas would have to travel to the account owner's home and log in to the wifi roughly once every month.

This is clearly designed to stop people from sharing passwords with people that don't live in their households. But people were quick to point out the flaws in the design. This model would exclude families with children living on a college campus, people who travel for work, people looking to log into their own account on Vacation, etc.

The internet turned into a rampage and started bashing Netflix for everything from their content to their hunger for money despite being such a power in the entertainment sector. Thousands claimed this was the last straw and said they already deleted their accounts or planned to do so soon.

But everyone didn't need to freak out just yet, because Netflix announced very shortly after that the original password-sharing plan was made in error and it's not yet going to be rolled out in the United States.

Some people are speculating that Netflix saw the online hate and scrutiny and decided that this plan wouldn't pay off in the way they originally expected it to. Whether that's true or not will likely never be known for sure, but you can rest easy knowing you can continue to share your password with whomever you choose for the moment.

What do you think of this? Is Netflix still one of your favorite streaming services?

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