"Enough Is Enough" Man With 102 Children Admits He Doesn't Know All of Their Names

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The rates at which people are having children is dropping in recent years. The global average used to be five children but the average now is less than three.

Opinions vary on why people are now choosing to have fewer children. But one man certainly raises the average with his 102 children.

Musa Hasahya Kasera has 102 children from 12 wives as well as 578 grandchildren. He admits he has a difficult time remembering the names of his children, let alone his grandchildren. Aside from this, he also says it's getting difficult to feed and clothe them, so he's finally saying "enough is enough."

His children range in age from 10 to 50 and most of his surprisingly large family live on a two-acre plot of land. This area has now become somewhat of a tourist attraction because people want to meet him and some of the members of his family. Despite the family's popularity in their area, they struggle to make ends meet and live in a "dilapidating house made from corrugated iron" or grass-thatched huts spread throughout the property.

A woman named Valentina and a man named Feodor have the world record for the most children produced by a single couple. They were alleged to have 69 children.

The world record for most children born at one time and surviving is nine. Their father admits "it's not easy."

While these records are impressive—they don't come anywhere near Musa's family size. His story is currently blowing up on the internet right now. People are equal parts shocked, horrified, and impressed.

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