"Someone has to parent this kid if no one else will" Woman Accuses Random Girl of Stealing Her Dad’s Credit Card

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A post on Reddit gathered nearly 8,000 comments when a woman shared the following story.

She said she was in a higher-end department store shopping and happened to end up near two teenage girls at one point.

One of the girls had picked out a pair of VERY expensive boots and they were both fawning over them. Second girl must have looked at price tag and asks boots girl if she’s really gonna spend that much on boots. Girl with boots says something along the lines of “it’s fine I have my dads credit card I’m not paying ” which instantly caught my attention because THATS NOT HER CARD.

She says she's told her son multiple times that he can't use her card and was upset this girl thought she could get away with "fraud." She ended up splitting up with the girls at this point but they ended up at the same register some time later.

She sees her total is "well over four digits" and decides she can't let her get away with something like that since "someone has to parent this kid if no one else will."

I tell cashier that isn’t her card but her father’s and I’m not sure she has permission. Girl and friend turn and glare at me giving me possibly the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen. I swear this girl was going to throw a tantrum right there, I don’t think she was ever told no.

The girl tells the cashier she has permission to use the card and her father gets points so he's happy to let her use it. The cashier insists she still can't use the card, so she shows her ID to prove she's related to the owner.

The author then pipes in again saying it's still fraud. The girl then tells her to mind her own business.

I tell her that it is my business that she’s doing something illegal she needs to pay with her own card or I call the cops. Girl is pissed now and people are glaring at me. She uses her own card and leaves crying.

When she got home and relayed the story to her husband, he said she was in the wrong and should've stayed out of it. The vast majority of the comments are saying the same thing. Many people were actually angry that she had the audacity to get involved in a situation that had nothing to do with her.

How would you react in this situation? Do you agree with everyone else's opinions?

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