"Thanks for doing that as slow as possible” Woman Slammed for Letting Her Kid Scan Groceries in a Busy Store

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Self-checkouts are loved by some and hated by others. There are pros and cons to checking out yourself versus letting someone else do the work for you, but one thing is clear: self-checkouts aren't necessarily any faster.

The lines tend to be longer because people want to scan a few items and go. But this line got held up by a mom who was trying to provide a learning moment for her child. Other shoppers didn't agree with her thinking.

She starts her post by mentioning she likes to let her seven-year-old son have "as interactive a role in things as possible." If he wants to try something that she deems as safe, she lets him try.

When we got to the self checkout he confidently told me he could do it by himself, so I let him...He was a lot slower than I would have been, but he managed to do it all with my supervision...As we started to wheel away, a woman walked up and slammed her grocery basket on the counter. She said "thanks for doing that as slow as possible..." I thought that was incredibly rude and uncalled for. Some people are slower than others. It is what it is. There were several other machines being used and freed up, so we can't have made that big an impact on her wait time.

The post accumulated 4,500 comments with most saying that everyone here was in the wrong. She shouldn't have held up a machine in a busy store to teach her kid something he won't need to do until he's much older, but the woman shouldn't have made a rude complaint either.

Do you agree with their opinions?

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