Man Wins Millions of Dollars and Gives His Ex-wife a "Significant Amount" Angering His Current Girlfriend

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Only 1.1% of people can say they have more than a million dollars in their bank account. One man joined the ranks after winning an unspecified amount (though he admits it's "in the millions").

What he plans to do with the money is a major source of issues between him and his girlfriend.

He posted the story on Reddit and over 5,000 people commented to give their opinions.

My ex wife is the mother of my 2 kids. She is an amazing woman and good to the bone. We divorced 6 years ago because I had an affair with my current partner. I was in a low place in my life...She was in incredible pain but...she allowed me to still see our kids who mean the world to me, allowed our divorce to be as pain free as possible despite the fact that I know she was hurting. She still is close with my parents. She is respectful to me although she refuses to talk to my gf.

He goes on to admit she was the first person—aside from his parents—that he called to share his news of winning the lottery with. She was happy for him, made a joke that he could take the kids on a trip around the world, and that was that.

Even though she didn't ask for any money, he knew as soon as he found out he won that he wanted to give her a significant amount of the winnings. He still loves her and wants to make up for his mistakes and help her support the kids.

He also mentions that she works a low-paying, unfulfilling, job in a public library and he wants her to be able to explore her passions.

I haven’t discussed this with my ex yet, but I have with my parents who strongly agree and my lawyer who was very surprised but on board.

When he did finally get around to telling his girlfriend, things didn't go well. She screamed at him, said he was disrespecting her, and accused him of still being in love with his ex. She threatened to break up with him if he gives her the money.

24% of Americans end a relationship due to financial issues.

He said this threat makes him "feel relieved."

What do you think? Is giving money to an ex reason enough to end things?

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