Woman’s Family Accuses Her of Trying to Upstage Her Sister Before Wedding Because She Lost 100 Pounds

Alisha Starr

Somewhere around 49% of adults in the US are trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, many of those people will be unsuccessful.

One woman who began her weight loss journey without high hopes due to failures in the past actually ended up losing almost 100 pounds. But instead of celebrating with her family, she's now dealing with a family feud.

U/Late-Water9669 shared the following story on Reddit.

I 28F used to be quite overweight, over the last year or so I have made many changes in my life and have successfully lost almost 100lbs. I don't live close to any of my family and don't post on social media so my family wasn't really aware of my weight loss.

Her sister got engaged last year. The wedding was pushed back and is now happening soon, so she decided to visit her family a bit early since she hadn't seen them in so long and wanted to catch up.

Well, when I came to see my family my sister freaked out upon seeing me. As it turns out she has gained a bit of weight not super noticeable to me she still looks great. But I think this is the first time in our lives that I'm smaller than her I've always been the "fat sister". She basically accused me of trying to upstage her and my parents are fully taking her side.

As mentioned before, losing 100 pounds isn't easy for most people. So, many of the almost 4,000 commenters are pointing out that losing that amount of weight to spite someone else isn't likely.

What's your opinion on this situation? Does the sister have a right to be upset?

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