Adult Man’s Mother Cost Him a New Job When She Began Answering His Zoom Interview Questions for Him

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Landing a job interview is often an exciting moment. Figuring out exactly how best to handle the interview is a step many take before the day arrives.

Unfortunately for one man, his mother ruined his interview so nothing he said really mattered all that much. The interviewer shared his experience on Reddit. He wanted to know if his actions after the awkward interview were right or wrong.

A minute or two in, when I was introducing myself, his mom came in and introduced herself and started talking about her son's work ethic. I thought it was a little strange. I said something polite about wanting to hear from him. She just didn't get the hint and kept coming into camera frame during the interview and interrupting her son to answer questions for him. I asked a few technical questions which he seemed to answer well and then cut the interview fairly short.

He knew right off the bat he wasn't going to move further with this applicant. So he thought everything was done with. That is until the applicant's mother reached out to inquire about the interview. She "seemed offended" that her son hadn't heard back either way about the job.

The interviewer had experienced similar overbearing moments with his mother when he was much younger, so the situation bothered him. He replied and said he couldn't discuss the applicant and had HR send the man an email saying he didn't get the internship.

Apparently, that wasn't enough for the mother because she ended up calling and demanding answers. He said he couldn't give specifics about the interview but would gladly give feedback if her son called. He did let her know that any hiring manager wouldn't move forward with an applicant if they had somebody else answering questions on their behalf throughout the interview.

She "blew up" and cursed him out, so he hung up on her.

98% of people who make it to the interview portion of a potential job don't end up getting it. The reasons vary, but in this case, it was definitely the mother's fault.

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