Man Refuses to Take DNA Test to Confirm He and His Fiancé Aren’t Related Before Getting Married

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There are plenty of stories about couples finding out they're related after dating for a significant period of time. For most people, that isn't something they think to worry about. But after one man's fiance read an article about a couple finding out they're related, she started to get paranoid.

U/Organic-Draft6504 shared the story on Reddit to see if he's being unreasonable.

So my (27M) fiancé (26F) is adopted. She was adopted at birth and hasn’t had any contact with her birth family...I’ve explained to her over and over again that my parents have been faithful to each other so there is no way we are siblings. She still wants us to get tested in case there is an uncle or other relative of mine that slept around...

He thinks she's being "ridiculous." Aside from him not believing it's possible they're related, he also doesn't want to give a large company access to his DNA. Like many people, he's worried about his information being used without his consent.

On top of that, he also doesn't want her to get tested either because he's worried about "what skeletons her biological family has in the closet." He also doesn't want half of his future kid's DNA sitting in a database either. So, he's very against either of them getting testing.

I told her all of this, but she still brings it up. I may have crossed a line today when I told her she was being disrespectful of my family by indicating one of them may have abandoned their child. She started crying and left...

Interestingly, even though there are hundreds of comments on the post, there isn't a conclusive answer for if people think he's in the right or in the wrong. People are disagreeing for a variety of reasons.

What would you say?

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