Reddit Users Encourage Man to Seek Help After He Gets Caught Drinking on the Job

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Americans' average alcohol consumption amounts to just over one drink a day. But usually, that drink isn't had at work.

Reddit user U/Intelligent-Board694 took to Reddit thinking he had a chance of people being on his side. But the comments quickly revealed a different picture. Everyone seems to be baffled by the following story.

I (32M) work as an accounts manager for a large consulting firm (it's a pretty large, think big4). Naturally, it's a rather competitive environment - you have to be careful because most people who work there will step on your hands to loosen your grip on the corporate ladder they are also trying to climb.

He goes on to explain that he's "different from everyone" there because he came from "nothing" and he works with a lot of trust fund babies with no manners.

So from time to time (ahead of important meetings for example), I treat myself to an "irish" coffee by the watercooler to settle my nerves - it makes working life a little more bearable and gives me the confidence to stand-up to my co-workers.

He then explains to readers that his version of an Irish coffee is a lot like a regular coffee, only with the subtle addition of a shot of vodka.

He was indulging in this drink when one of his female colleagues that he describes as "ditzy" approached him to discuss a report. As soon as he replied, she made a weird face, "like something just died" and promptly left.

About 5 minutes later, I got a Teams message from her asking me why my breath "stinks of alcohol". Unfortunately, my liquid courage wanted to make a witty reply, so I told her that the only reason I drink is because I have to work with her. Big mistake – apparently, she took a screenshot of the Teams convo and is now threatening to send it to HR. I basically got on my knees and begged her not to – she said she would think about it.

He ends the post by explaining he thought he was in the right, but after thinking about it over the weekend, he isn't so sure.

The nearly 700 comments are pretty sure he's 100% in the wrong (and many people think he has an apparent drinking problem and are offering resources and support).

But what do you think?

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