Woman’s Boyfriend Has Secretly Been Calling Her by His Ex-girlfriend’s Name for Over Three Years

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Nine out of ten men have difficulty remembering names and dates. But getting their partner's name right isn't usually a huge issue.

One woman, U/ilovegrugcrood shared the story of how she found out her boyfriend was calling her by the wrong name for years.

She and her boyfriend met in college and hit it off right off the bat. She dyed her hair pink for breast cancer awareness month, and he approached her to compliment her hair. They were friends for around a year before they ultimately started dating.

She had a "specific" taste in movies, including one called "Gnomeo and Juliet." They had just watched that movie a few days before the following incident.

So about 6 months into dating, we're lying in bed after a nice night, and he's running his fingers through my hair and says "I love you so much, Juliet." I don't know, we watched the film together two nights ago and maybe I was dumb but I really just interpreted it as a pet name, so I said "I love you too, Romeo"...Looking back I should've known something was up by the way he apologised immediately, but for the next 3 years I called him Romeo thinking we had a pair of cute couples nicknames. It was a sweet little thing and I even noticed my actual name had fizzled out of use with Juliet, babe and baby taking its place, which I didn't mind at all.

87% of Americans use pet names for their partners, so a cute nickname is certainly not out of the norm.

A couple of days ago the author went to her boyfriend's brother's wedding. Her boyfriend's ex happened to be there since she was a family childhood friend, so she met her for the first time.

After the author introduced herself, she introduced herself as Juliette. As soon as she heard the name, she put two and two together: her boyfriend had been calling her by his ex's name ever since that fateful night.

She didn't want to make a scene, so she set things aside to discuss later.

I confronted him about it later that night when we'd gotten home, and he immediately admitted to getting my name mixed up with hers (our names could not be more different, might I add) on that night, and didn't know what to do when I "misunderstood him" and just went along with it.

She now keeps looking back on all the intimate moments they shared while she was unknowingly being called by his ex's name. He says now the nickname is now theirs, but the origin is sticking in her mind and she's "seriously considering breaking up with him."

Do you think that's the right move? Or was this all a silly misunderstanding that spun out of control?

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