Woman Re-Gifts "Cheap" Necklace and Asks for It Back After Finding Out It Was Worth More Than She Thought

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One gift guide says that giving gifts worth between $20 and $40 to immediate family members is the sweet spot. People spend an average of about $659 on gifts each year for family, friends, and coworkers.

One woman received a necklace as a gift that she assumed was cheap, so she gave it to someone else as a gift. The recipient of the gift, U/After-Operation6230 told her version of the story online.

When I was pregnant, my friend, Michelle, my age, had given me a gorgeous necklace as a present for my pregnancy. She said I could do what I wanted with it. It came in a beautiful little box and ribbon and I had planned to keep it in the family.

Fast forward a year and the author's sister flew in to help with the baby. Her sister is a jeweler and noticed the necklace when she wore it out to dinner. She hadn't seen the necklace before and immediately asked to look at it because it "seemed expensive."

...and after a bit of searching and checking around we found out it was actually worth a ton. I won't go into specifics, and no, not millions or tens of thousands of dollars, but enough for me to make enough for a bit to help support my family or keep it in the family as an expensive necklace.

The author shared the exciting news with one of her family members and the news spread from there. Her family grew up in "not the best of situations" so it was a big deal to all of them. She isn't exactly sure how, but word of the value of the necklace got back to her friend.

Her friend immediately asked for the necklace back because she didn't know its value. She just assumed it was cheap when it was given to her. The author said she intended to keep it and her friend is now calling her selfish because it was hers first.

The author feels conflicted because her friend probably could use the money and she knows she wouldn't have given it to her if she knew the true value. But other people in her life say her friend chose to give the necklace away, so she can't ask for it back.

What do you make of this situation?

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