Teacher Throws Away Student’s Lunch Because It’s Too "Unhealthy"

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A study showed that about 56% of children eat meals with low nutritional value. There's evidence that shows that how kids eat at home and at school during childhood impacts their diet throughout their life.

One teacher decided it was their duty to make sure everyone had a healthy lunch at school. U/aitaniecelunch posted the story online to get people's opinions.

The author is babysitting her niece while her sister is away on a work trip. Her niece misses her mom a lot, so she decided to pack a special lunch to try and cheer her up. Here's exactly what was in her lunch box:

A turkey and cheese sandwich with cucumbers and avocado. I also drew some cartoon characters on it with edible markers, carrot sticks and ranch, apple slices, cookie, fruit snacks, brownie, juice box

The author thought the lunch was balanced enough since it "had all 5 food groups", but the teacher thought otherwise. She got a call during snack time and was told to bring in a new lunch for her niece to eat. The author told the teacher she could just give the child the fruits and vegetables with the sandwich and forget the treats. But this wasn't an option because the teacher threw away the entire lunch claiming it was "distracting to the other kids."

I decided to call the office and tell them that I needed to pull my niece out for an appointment at 11 (lunch is at 11:30) and that she’d be back by the end of lunch. So at 11, I picked her up, we got happy meals, cookies, fruit snacks, and milkshakes. Then at 12 (end of lunch) I dropped her off with her happy meal box and her almost finished milkshake. Teacher saw this and was fuming. I guess she told my sister what happened because shortly after, I got a call from my sister saying I was being petty and should’ve just dropped off a new sandwich.

The comments on the post are really divided. Some bring up that specific schools have rules declaring what kids can and can't bring for lunch from home, so even if it wasn't the case here, it's not a crazy concept.

Others say that throwing away food rather than returning it home is inappropriate even if the lunch did have a few too many treats. So no one could really agree on whether the teacher was in the wrong here.

What do you think?

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