Man Demands New Car, House With Pool, and More After His Girlfriend Wins the Lottery

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Purchasing a single ticket for a 6-number lottery drawing gives you a one in 13,983,816 chance of winning. While this makes it seem nearly impossible, someone has to win, and the woman in this story did.

U/AirAway2713 took to the internet to share the struggles she's experiencing after winning. She didn't win the "main" prize, but one of the top three which she says is still a substantial amount of money. She explains how she grew up very poor and while she's worked her way up a bit, her family is still poor and she's only been able to give them limited help until now.

I’m not touching that money until I have my meeting with my financial advisors that I hired. My plan is to use small amount of money to enjoy, use part to improve my family’s life (e.g. buy them flats that they can later on afford to upkeep but in safer place and of better quality) and invest the vast majority in different venture to ensure stream of revenue for years to come so I can live comfortably and help my family.

The only people that know about her winnings are her close family members and her boyfriend of seven months. But her boyfriend is pressuring her to buy him things before speaking to her advisors. He created a list that features things like a Tesla and a house with a pool they can live in together.

He even brought up having kids now that they can afford them even though the author specifically mentioned wanting to remain child-free.

Having problems—even with people you consider close—is quite common after unexpectedly coming into a large sum of money. That might be why 83% of people say they wouldn't tell a single person if they won the lottery!

The author's boyfriend told his friends about her winnings, so now she has even more people wanting a piece of the pie. She's still refusing to make any moves for the moment, so everyone is calling her a "cheapskate" and treating her cruelly.

Most of the comments are advising her to end her relationship over this.

But what do you think?

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