Woman Berated by Boyfriend for Not Eating Outside With His Family in 45 Degree Weather

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84% of parents think that family meals are important, but only 50% of family dinners are actually spent with everyone together. But one family has a pretty good habit of eating together. Where they eat is causing an issue for one girl.

U/On_a_rant created a post that shares what her boyfriend's family is like to eat with. She's been there for brunch, lunch, and dinner, and each time they sit outside on their deck. This in itself isn't an issue since eating outside during warm months is quite common.

But they tend to eat outside for a bit longer than most people would.

Thing is, it has to be freezing temperature before they will concede and eat in the dining room. I've had to sit on that deck many times trying to eat my food while I'm shivering, even though I'm wearing layers.

When she went over last, everything was set up to eat outside. She tried to eat with everyone but noticed the outdoor thermometer was saying 45 degrees. The food got cold quickly and so she nicely explained it was too cold to be eating outside. She's not alone in feeling this way. A poll with over 1,000 answers showed that 49.8% agree that 60 degrees is the lowest temperature they would feel comfortable eating outside.

The mom turned to the dad and asked, "Well, should we pack it in?" The dad, scooping food into his mouth, said, "Nah, it's not too bad out here." and kept on eating. Nothing more was said, not even from my bf. Everyone kept eating. So I apologized sincerely that I needed to eat inside, gathered my plate, napkin, silverware, and glass, and went in to the dining room.

She finished eating before everyone else and went back outside to join them while they finished their meal. The tension was palpable and no one talked to her at all. When they left, her boyfriend berated her in the car for being so rude.

She's been dealing with this for years and ends the post by saying she knows she shouldn't go over there when it's a cold day, but she strives to be a good girlfriend anyways.

What would you do in this situation?

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