Woman Requires Each of Her Wedding Guests to Bring a Minimum $250 Gift or They Aren’t Allowed Into the Wedding

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The average wedding gift amount is about $100. While some give more, depending on financial circumstances, some also give much less. In most cases, your wedding gift amount is 100% your decision, so there's no pressure involved.

But wedding guests at one wedding had a completely different experience. U/Outrageous_Bench_259 shared this story.

She's flying to the UK to attend her friend's wedding. They'd been friends for over a decade, so she was more than willing to travel the distance to share in her friend's special day.

She was planning on gifting them a custom piece of art to commemorate their day, but she hadn't ordered it yet. So when her friend reached out to talk about gifts, she was open to hearing what she wanted.

I was told I had to bring a minimum of £250 cash as my wedding gift to them I was shocked by this as that's a lot of money especially considering that I have to fly out and get a hotel. When I questioned her about this she said it was the bare minimum every guest had to bring and that anyone who didn't wasn't allowed into the wedding. This has me shocked as thats....extremely rude right? I confronted her about that and told her it wasn't really appropriate to make such demands of her guests and that I wasn't comfortable with this.

Her friend brushed off her remarks and claimed it was "customary" in Belgium since the money goes towards helping the newlyweds purchase a home.

It seems like a cash grab to me and i've not been able to see any hint of this being a tradition on my online searches. I told her as much and she had a meltdown saying if I wasn't comfortable paying it wouldn't be fair to the other guests who were paying and she wouldn't be comfortable with me being there then even bragged about how her father had promised her three grand as his gift. I told her if she felt that way I wasn't sure I wanted to come and thanked her for the invitation.

The author even mentions in the comments that the wedding isn't a "high-end event" and that guests are also bringing various dishes from home for the reception.

It's no secret that weddings can ruin friendships, and it seems like this one might do just that.

What do you think about this bride demanding a specific amount of money from each guest? What would you do in this situation?

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