Young Boy Shaves His Older Sister’s Head in Retaliation for Prank She Pulled On Him

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Many kids play pranks on their siblings for fun. But sometimes the pranks take things a bit too far.

U/throaway_ig_26 created a post to share about a prank between their children that went wrong and how she chose to handle punishing them as a result.

A few weeks ago, my daughter thought it would be funny to play a prank on her brother by going into his room and shaving a strip of his hair off with electric clippers. Our course of action was to make daughter pay for the following hair appointment, and she lost her phone and car keys for a month.

Science shows that parents can begin grounding their kids between ages 6 and 10. The author's children are both over that age, so they picked a suitable punishment and dished it out.

Yesterday, my son did the same thing to her. He went into her room and shaved off a strip of her hair, despite us telling him we had punished her and not to, She flipped out, and we punished our son in the same way. he had to pay for the resulting hair appointment for my daughter and he got his phone taken away for a month and a half (more because he did it after we told him not to).

The author's daughter didn't think this punishment was fair. Her brother had short hair to begin with, so she claims the buzzcut he's now sporting isn't a big deal. But she has a buzzcut now too, which is more dramatic a difference than what her prank did to her brother.

Figuring out how best to discipline children can be tricky. Clearly, their daughter wasn't satisfied in this case.

So what do you think? Was giving equal punishment to both children even though one had more to lose the right move?

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