Woman Freaks Out After Coming Home to Find Fiance Returned Her Wedding Dress and Replaced It With His Mom’s Top Pick

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The average woman tries on just over 10 dresses to find "the one." Finding the dress you plan on wearing to marry the person you love is a happy occasion, often pushing many to tears.

But one bride-to-be found herself close to tears for another reason.

U/Throwaway9757657 shared a post about the situation.

I hate to admit that wedding planning has been an absolute nightmare. His mom wasn't willing to agree on most things, and my fiance said that since he's her only son then I should respect and appreciate this "vision" she has for the wedding and how it should be. She insisted to come along for wedding dress shopping...I was so lucky to have found what I was looking for. but she picked a dress that she liked so much and said that "she always pictured her son's bride in it" mom and friends thought this line was creepy. I thought the dress was somewhat creepy and toooootally not my type. I apologized and thanked her for her "vision" but told her that I'd already decided on a dress that I had "envisioned" myself wearing at my wedding!

The mother got mad that she didn't pick the dress she wanted and contacted her son to rant about it. He then got upset with his fiance, telling her that her attitude isn't working on him or his mom. He even tried convincing her to get the dress his mom wanted because they "weren't that different."

The author thought the issue was resolved, but she had a surprise in store.

I came home and found out that he had returned my wedding dress and replaced it with the one his mom wanted. I called him and he was straightforward about what he did and why he did it. I lost it and started screaming at him.

She ended up going to stay with a friend because she was so upset.

This post gained major traction, with over 9,000 people commenting to state their opinion.

The top comment by U/CaptainPatent is upvoted by almost 78,000 people. It says,

Hand him the ring back...Say "I hope you get the wedding you and your mom have always hoped for." Walk away.

People have called off weddings for lesser reasons.

What would you do in this situation?

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