Woman Spies on Neighbors Across the Street After Uncovering a Potential Affair

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25% of people who have a home security system admit they use it to spy on their neighbors. While the majority of people aren't trying to get a peek at their neighbors' lives, one woman definitely is.

U/Lanky_Insurance8454 is this woman's husband and he created a post to talk about his wife watching the neighbors across the street.

They moved in a couple of years ago and are a young couple. If I had to guess, I think they’re in their early 30s. We wave to each other when we see each other and have said hi a few times but I don’t know their names. I’ll just call them Bob and Susan. Apparently Bob leaves for work earlier and comes home later than Susan.

His wife has a hybrid schedule so she works from home during the day a few days a week. Her home office sits at the front of the house, so it's facing the home across the street.

Recently, she’s been telling me that when she works from home, she sees a man visiting the neighbor’s house either after Bob leaves for work or before he comes home. She swears she once saw adult activities between this stranger and Susan because their curtains were open.

The author admits he found it humorous at first, but that quickly dissipated as his wife became more anxious about the situation. She wants him to talk to the neighbor about what's going on. But he's refusing because they don't know them well enough to get involved.

Then she started to take pics on her phone to show me the car and the guy. It was almost a fight to make her delete the pics. Now the agitation has turned into full blown anger at me. Basically she’s mad that I’m not more concern[ed] with Susan cheating on Bob. I told her I have our lives to live, I simply don’t care what goes on in their house. This answer angered her so much she slept in the guest bedroom for a couple of nights.

People asked questions in the comments to gauge why he wasn't comfortable talking to the neighbors about it and he said in his neighborhood, you don't get involved in other people's business and he doesn't "need a hammer to the face." Evidence shows that most people's first reaction to cheating is anger, so this fear isn't unfounded.

What would you do in this situation?

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