Woman Brings Disabled Boyfriend to Brother’s Wedding Despite Not Having a Plus One

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Figuring out who to give plus ones to at a wedding is a delicate thing. But as a guest, when your invite specifically says no plus ones, it's usually best to listen to the bride and groom since it's their special day, after all.

But one woman, U/Flower534724 explained in a post why she disregarded the instructions.

He and his now wife sent me an invitation and mentioned a "no +1" rule. Meaning that I wasn't allowed to bring my wheelchair bound boyfriend of 4 years with me. I tried to dicuss an exception for this rule because for one, my boyfriend is family and no one would deny that fact. And two, I could not find proper arrangements to have someone watch him (I'm his primary caregiver) while I was gone.

She thought it was only right that he was able to come because he's family after them being together for four years, and she's his primary caregiver and couldn't find anyone to "watch" him. Despite these issues, the no-plus-one rule stood firm for everyone, including her.

I brought him with me to the wedding. My brother and his bride were livid and picked up an argument with me about it. My brother said some hurtful stuff but I was glad he didn't say it [in front] of my boyfriend. I told him it's not like my boyfriend was making a fuss or being distracting (he just remained quiet and respectful of everyone around him) my brother argued that [none] of that matter and that the trust and respect he had for me was gone the minute I decided to stomp on his wedding boundaries and override the rules. My parents understood my side but also said that it was my brother's wedding and I should've respected the rule he had for non-official couples.

Her going against their request caused issues at the wedding and now her brother won't answer her calls. His new wife even messaged her and told her to stop calling.

The author thinks her brother is overreacting since she didn't bring a hyperactive kid to the wedding.

While some wedding issues are the result of a bride acting like a bridezilla, the over 3,800 comments don't think this case is. Most comments are slamming the poster for defying her brother's wishes and using her boyfriend's disability to get her way.

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