Man Frustrated With Fiancé Because She Wants to Have a Mini Wedding for Her Dog During Their Ceremony

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Around 72% of Americans consider pets as members of their family. This is leading them to spend more money on food, clothing, and premium services like pet spas.

But one man thinks his future wife is taking things too far.

U/needhelpSuperbCookie shared a story about his upcoming wedding. He and his fiance, Jessica, are due to get married next year. He says the wedding planning was going smoothly until they hit this recent snag.

Jessica and her best friend Abby apparently had always planned on having a ceremony with their dogs and their future husband's dogs at the same time. But the author doesn't have a dog, so he thought this unusual dream of hers was done with and he wouldn't hear about it again.

She and Abby started to talk about how cute it would be to include both of their dogs in our wedding party. Not my thing, but I have friends and family that have done something similar and I want her to enjoy the day so I said okay thinking they'd just be up at the alter or something like that. Nope. They want their dogs to get *married* during our wedding. I wasn't too keen on the idea and raised concerns like what would they do with both dogs for the rest of the day? What if the venue we picked doesn't allow pets? We went back and forth and I agreed that they could do their dog ceremony at the end of our ceremony. Couple weeks later Jessica and Abby bring it up again- they want parts of the reception to be dedicated to their dogs *friendship*...

Some of these plans included a slideshow of puppy pictures, a cake for the dogs, and the ability for guests to bring their dogs too. Suddenly, this small idea was turning into something that took the attention away from the human couple for most of the day.

I told them no and that I already made one compromise on the issue and don't want a bunch of dogs around for our entire wedding and reception and that if they did that, we'd have to find an all-new venue probably. I reminded her that she was near the limit of what she could contribute toward our wedding funds and I'd be paying the rest, and I don't want to pay extra for stuff for a bunch of dogs.

Both his fiance and her friend expressed how important it was for them to do this for their dogs. So he explained that due to available funds, they could have their fancy dog party and their wedding would be at the courthouse, or they could stick to what they originally agreed to.

Abby thinks he's being manipulative and even suggested Jessica go stay with her until he changes his mind. She didn't end up leaving, but the pair is still going back and forth about what to do.

20% of weddings are called off before they happen, so working things out is crucial. The author ends the post by stating,

I want an enjoyable wedding and marriage with Jessica- not Jessica and Abby and their pets.

What do you make of this?

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