Woman Gets Slapped in the Face by Her Boyfriend’s Mom but He Falsely Accuses Girlfriend of Assault and Ends Relationship

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A poll showed that about nine out of 10 people in the US enjoy a positive relationship with their mothers. 76% of those people describe the relationship as "very positive."

That might have been the case for one man but after an unfortunate event that took place between his mother and his girlfriend, things are forever changed.

U/Throwaway9235272 told this story through an online post. It happened a little over three years ago but still impacts him to this day.

It was the greatest mistake of my life, and I still hate myself (and my mom) every day.

He and his girlfriend at the time moved into an apartment together that her father was paying for. The author's mother hated his girlfriend and was against them moving in together calling it, "humiliating for the entire family."

The first week after they moved in together, his mother showed up at the apartment looking for him because he hadn't answered any of her text messages that day. He wasn't at home to speak to, but his girlfriend was.

She explained that I was not home and asked my mom to leave, but my mom tried to force her way past my girlfriend. When my girlfriend blocked her way, my mom slapped her in the face. My girlfriend didn't hit back, but pushed my mom away from the door and closed it. My mom then proceeded to smash her head into the wall repeatedly and then called the police saying that my girlfriend assaulted her. The police arrested my girlfriend.

The good news is there was a surveillance camera that captured the whole exchange. So the charges against his girlfriend were dropped and his mother actually ended up being the one to go to jail for a month.

The bad news is the author initially took his mother's side. He believed her side of the story until proof showed otherwise. So he ended things with his girlfriend. When the truth came out, his girlfriend "understandably" didn't take him back. She did, however, allow him to live alone in their previously shared apartment for free until he got back on his feet and found a dorm through the university.

It was the greatest mistake of my life, and I'm still in love with her and think she is the best person in the world more than 3 years later, but I understand that I betrayed her and she deserves someone better than me.

Men are more likely than women to regret breaking up with someone. It's common for them to experience emotional trauma like anger and depression as well as physical distress like difficulty sleeping and weight loss.

It's clear the author here regrets his decision, even three years after the fact.

What's your take on this story?

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