Cooking Tip: Transform Pancakes by Baking Them in the Oven or Turning Them Into Breakfast Spaghetti

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Pancakes are a beloved breakfast food but they take some skill to make properly. Timing the flip just right and executing the flip properly are necessary to end up with even, fluffy pancakes. Plus, making pancakes for a group is difficult because there's only so much space in the pan to prep them.

But these two TikTok hacks are changing the pancake game. The first one is cooking your pancakes in the oven and cutting them into slices so you can avoid flipping them altogether and make one big batch to feed the whole family at once.

You can find the original video below to see this hack in action.

The creator commented the directions, stating

Pancake mix in a buttered pan at 400 F. I think it took 10-15 mins but it's ready when a toothpick comes out clean.

If I was doing this, I'd add some fillings right into the mix. For example, fresh fruit, maple syrup drizzle, chocolate chips, or brown sugar. Then, once it came out of the oven, I'd spread whipped cream over the top so it looks like a frosted cake.

The second hack completely transforms pancakes by turning them into something that resembles spaghetti.

You can find the original video below.

This version of pancakes works well if you like your pancakes to be crispy.

If I was making these, I'd top them with chunks of breakfast sausage to imitate meatballs and drizzle on some strawberry jam to look like sauce.

It could be a fun breakfast to make with kids.

The first pancake alternative makes cooking pancakes much more simple but this second version might take longer than traditional pancakes to make.

What do you think? Will you try out one of these viral pancake hacks in the future?

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