Over 2.7 Million People Follow The Grow with Jo At-Home Walking Workouts to Lose Weight

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45% of people say they want to lose weight. Whether the weight loss is necessary or not, most people can benefit from moving their bodies more often.

Not everyone wants to hit the gym, lift weights, or sweat their butts off doing high-intensity cardio workouts. Thankfully, there are other options.

Grow with Jo is a popular YouTube channel that's amassed over 2.76 million followers! Its popularity might stem from the fact it features workouts for beginners that put an emphasis on walking at home. Some of the more popular videos have millions of views, many from loyal followers who repeat the workouts again and again to achieve some pretty impressive results.

The workouts combine walking with arm movements and other moves that engage more muscles and increase your calorie burn.

The creator herself went through a transformation using her own workouts. The TikTok below shows her progress.

If you aren't convinced that simply walking can help you lose weight, here are a few interesting facts that might just change your mind.

The average person walks one mile in 20 minutes, burning roughly 100 calories during this time.

Walking 10,000 steps a day can help you lose weight.

Walking can improve your mood, increase energy and endurance, and strengthen your immune system.

Walking in place is as effective as walking on a treadmill or track.

Whether you want to work out at home because you're a beginner, want to save money on a gym membership, or for any other reason, these videos might help you create a routine that helps you feel your best!

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