Charcuterie Boards Are Out and Butter Boards Are In

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Charcuterie boards are a longtime favorite appetizer, snack, or even meal. They grew in popularity recently as people began adding inventive items and creating themed boards for parties.

But recently Justine Doiro, a recipe developer, came up with a new creation she shared on TikTok. Her video quickly gathered over 8.2 million views, 1.1 million likes, and thousands of comments and saves.

Here's the video in case you aren't one of the millions that have seen it:


I like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood

♬ original sound - speed songs

Her idea is to take a board, slather it in butter, and add whatever toppings you want. She opts for flaky salt, pepper, fresh herbs, edible flowers, red onion, and lemon zest.

But the beauty of the butter board is you can add literally anything you enjoy!

One fun idea is adding baked garlic cloves, chives, and cheese. It's like a garlic bread dip. If sweets are more your thing, adding honey can take the butter in the right direction.

If loading a board with butter doesn't sound like your idea of a good appetizer, a few spin-off ideas have arisen since this video went viral. Below is another video of a charcuterie board alternative—a cream cheese board.

@erekasfood This Everything But The Bagel Board is my interpretation of the latest viral #foodtrend …the #B#ButterBoard It’s a great dish to serve for breakfast or brunch! #v#viralfoodb#breakfastboardb#brunchboardb#breakfastideasb#brunchideas ♬ original sound - Ereka Vetrini

This video is almost as popular with 7.6 million views. You smear cream cheese on a board and top it, similar to the butter board. Everything but the bagel seasoning, chives, smoked salmon, capers, and red onion round out this board.

This combination along with toasted bagel pieces is like offering your guests a deconstructed bagel and lox.

Whichever combination catches your eye, here are a few tips to set you up for success:

  • Use parchment paper to make clean-up extra easy—especially if you're making a butter board
  • Use room temperature butter so it's easier to spread
  • Try out whipped cream cheese for easier spreading and a lighter option
  • Choose your bread wisely—the heartier it is the better it'll hold up to heavy dipping!

If you like trying new things and want an appetizer that you can throw together in a few minutes, one of these new ideas might be a great place to start!

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