Data Shows Height Still Matters in Relationships but Maybe Not in the Way You Might Think

Alisha Starr
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It's no secret that many women prefer taller men. And not just men a few inches taller than them but at times, a foot or more taller is what people prefer.

The average height of men in America is 5'9 and the average woman's height is just under 5'3. So why does height seem to be such a predominant issue when the stats are on our side?

An older study showed that men who are taller and heavier are perceived as more masculine regardless of how they dress or what other features they might possess.

Aside from that, some common reasons women list for finding tall men more attractive are:

  • It makes them feel smaller the taller a man is
  • He can reach things off high shelves
  • They can wear high heels without fear of looking too tall
  • They might make more money

While some of these reasons are practical, many people think that women who need their men to be so much taller are simply limiting their dating pool and putting too much emphasis on looks. In recent years, more women have started to agree and actually find themselves opening up to more possibilities.

Interestingly, there's recently been a surge of interest in "short kings" or men under 5'8. Google searches for this term are up, shorter men are showing off their confidence on sites like TikTok, and data shows some states might actually be full of women who prefer shorter men.

Times might just be changing.

Relationships are tricky whether you care about the height of your partner or not. What do you think? Does height make a difference in how you feel about someone?

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