Travel Tip: Make Your Items Less Accessible to Thieves

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A study of 1,000 people showed that 10% of those people had their phones stolen while on vacation and 9% had their credit cards stolen. Other common contenders were debit cards, licenses, and passports.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with when they're trying to enjoy a relaxing getaway is frantically searching for a lost item, or being without a way to contact people or pay for things.

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid theft while on vacation.

Avoid Theft When Out and About

To start with, never keep your items in your back pocket. You might think you can feel it if someone removes your phone or wallet but experienced pickpockets can take things with ease.

A better option for holding your items is in your front pocket. You're more likely to feel something coming out of this pocket and it's easier to see if someone takes something this way.

The best option for storing your items on the go is a zippered bag with no easy access. An example of this is a backpack with the zipper compartment facing your back. This makes it much more difficult for someone to get to your things without your knowledge.

Whenever possible, avoid carrying multiple different credit/debit cards or carrying large amounts of cash in your wallet when traveling. Try to pick one card to use for the outing so if something gets stolen it's only one account you need to worry about.

Avoid Theft in Your Hotel Room

Another place you need to worry about keeping your items safe is your hotel room. To start, try to avoid bringing expensive items on vacation in the first place. You might even choose to use a different, less-expensive wedding ring/band when you travel or have special vacation clothes.

If you have to leave items in the room, don't leave them out in plain sight. Packing them away in your bag is the safest bet.

Also, make sure to keep the door locked when no one is in the room and keep the windows or exterior doors closed and locked when possible too.

Avoid Digital Theft

Another form of stealing you need to be wary of when traveling is stealing digital information. Aside from protecting your phone, laptop, etc., you need to protect the information on it. To do so, avoid using public wifi whenever possible.

Purchasing an extended data plan if you don't have unlimited data can help keep you connected without needing to rely on wifi. If you need to use wifi for work, try asking your hotel if they have a password-protected network and double-check that you're logging into the right one first.

Leave Your Vacation With More Than You Went With

When you head home from a trip your biggest worry should be how you can fit all your souvenirs in your bag. Avoid going home with an important item missing by following the helpful tips found here!

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