A criminal defense attorney shares her opinion on self-checkouts

Alina Andras

Lately, more and more restaurants, department stores and supermarkets have announced that they plan on integrating more self-checkout machines. However, some people have raised some concerns about these changes and many are still skeptical about it.

In order to educate people, Carrie Jernigan, a criminal defence attorney is using her Tik Tok account to state her personal opinion on using self-checkout, saying she advises most people to not use them, if possible. Then she goes on talking about various types of people who usually get accused of shoplifting. According to her statements, there is a possibility to get charged even if you are innocent. At the time of writing, thousands of people are sharing their personal experiences in the comments.

You can listen to her full statement in the video below:

After sharing her personal opinion about using self-checkouts, she made another video where she gave customers tips if they still decide to use the machines. Here are her top four tips:

  • Only use self-checkout if you buy just a few items. Do not use it for large grocery orders.
  • Do not use cash. Use your debit or credit card instead.
  • Keep your receipt.
  • Be slow and intentional when you are scanning your items.

What are your thoughts on self-checkout machines? Do you usually use them? What is your personal experience with them? Feel free to share your thoughts and continue the conversation in the comment section down below.

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