6 beautiful but underrated places in Florida

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If you have ever been to Florida, you would probably agree that it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. However, there is so much more to Florida that the popular beaches that are usually extremely crowded. While all those famous places are worth exploring, this beautiful state has much more to offer. So if you are looking for new and amazing places in Florida, I have put together a list of six places that are often overlooked by tourists.

6 beautiful but underrated places in Florida

If you have never been to any of these places in Florida, make sure to add them to your list and visit them next time you get the chance. If you have already been to any of these places, please share your honest impression in the comment section down below. Let us know if you enjoyed them and if you would recommend other readers to explore them as well. In the meantime, here are the six places that made it to the list:

  1. Crystal River
  2. Sanibel Island
  3. Falling Waters State Park, Chipley
  4. St. Augustine
  5. The Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg
  6. Florida Caverns State Park, Marianna

What do you think about this list? Have you been to any of these places? If so, did you enjoy your time there? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below and don't forget to mention your favorite place in Florida. If you are a local, even better. Please share your tips and recommendations.

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