Hidden Lake Lookout is famous for its hiking and breathtaking summit views!

The Hidden Lake Lookout day hike is one of the crown jewels of hiking in Washington State. No other trail offers so much as Hidden Lake Lookout: forest, wildflowers, an alpine environment of stark granite well above treeline, and breathtaking summit views of the heart of North Cascades National Park.

This trail is famous for its hiking and snowshoeing which starts in July since dangerous snow-filled gullies can still be present at the hike even in early summer.

After starting in a clear-cut area, the trail soon enters the forest, where it begins to climb steeply. At 4.2 miles, hikers attain a 6600-foot saddle between the 7088-foot true summit of Hidden Lake Peaks and other mountains.

Hidden Lake is just below, a glorious backcountry body of water, its sky-blue waters shimmering in the sun.

Instead, You can also enjoy its beauty from above and the framing backdrop of impressive North Cascades summits- Eldorado, Forbidden, and Boston among them.

During this trial, you can also take time to appreciate the lookout built-in 1931. It was restored by Fred T. Darvill of the Skagit Alpine Club back in 1961. Ironically, this lookout has now stood as a historic monument longer than it served its original function as a fire lookout.

Best of all, before hiking this trail, you can also check the North Cascades National Park website for snow and other conditions or stop at the rangers station in Marblemount.

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