Instagram ranked the Cocktail Mugs of Inside Passage Bar!

It is a piece of great news for all of us that the Inside Passage- The sibling bar next to Rumba and the Portage Bay waterfront’s Agua Verde Cafe — officially opened on Friday, June 25.

In this, they are showcasing the top oceanic fantasy mood inside the bar with a giant tentacled sea creature hanging from the ceiling, thatched booths, salty snacks, and a variety of cocktails in elaborate mugs.

According to Instagram, Here is the list of some of their best cocktail style mugs:

1) I See a Light:

This Teeda Japanese rum, yuzu, lemongrass, lime leaf, mango, absinthe, kelp served in a mug that resembles an angler fish, complete with a curved headlamp.

There is a pulsating colored lightbulb tucked into the bottom to add to the moody deep-sea effect. So, No need to dive to the depths of the ocean for this herbaceous and savory cocktail.

2) I believe: This Indian Passage scotch blend with pineapple rum and coconut cream served in a mug, with a nod to cryptozoology and the X Files.

3) 62 Panorama Punch 20:

This 62 Panorama Punch 20 Presented in actual 1962 Seattle World’s Fair glasses, with mandarin, cranberry, lime, bay leaf, and almond milk sorbet.

4) One-Eyed Willy:

It is a pirate-themed drink with some dry ice flair. It consists of an old-fashioned tropical spin, having rum, vanilla, and bananas.

5) The Amazombie 2.0: This classical Zombie cocktail includes- Novo Fogo Silver, Chameleon, and Tanager Cachaca, acai, passion fruit, allspice, lime, absinthe. Inside Passage offers free same-day shipping for all its guests.

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