The Tales of the Alchemysts presents Monster, Magic & Mysticism in their Jewish folktales!

As in 2021, the whole world is moving from sorrow to hope. In the same way, The Tales of the Alchemysts is also running from stillness to flow.

They have shifted their live performances to virtual performances and have added a new branch under the umbrella of their theatres.

We all are very excited by hearing this news that The Tales of the Alchemysts Theatre is streaming their two supernatural Jewish classic folktales - The Golem of Prague, Laia, and the Dybbuk on demand on Tuesday, June 22.

These folktales are written and directed by Laura Ferri and, The Tales of the Alchemysts Theatre is adding these folktales into their new virtual audio play series, The Pomegranate Projects.

In The Golem of Prague, a renowned Rebbe and a lonely woodcarver meddles with magic to create a monster from clay.

In Laia and the Dybbuk - The mystical love story between Chonen, a poor Talmud student, and Lea, a girl from a wealthy family, depicts the traditional folk culture of Polish Jews before WW2. These scenes will be seen in this Pomegranate Projects Series.

There is no fee to join the show and to buy the tickets. The registration is only mandatory to listen to their premiere performance of these virtual radio plays with fully accessible captions.

I'm excited that they have put these folktales together. I have already done the registration for these shows. I Can't wait to see/hear it!

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