Register for the free 'Kidfitstrong Fitness Challenge' to keep your kids active & healthy!

Physical fitness does not only make the body fit and healthy, but it also enhances our mental ability and positivity. We all are excited to know about The Kidfitstrong Fitness Challenge. It is happening on June 27 from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM in Seattle.

This event is the nation's largest mobile fitness event traveling from coast to coast, presented by Kidfitstrong USA. Kids of all ages-minimum age requirement are 3-years of age.

Get the opportunity to flex their physical fitness by participating in a completion-based obstacle course designed to challenge speed, strength, ability, and overall physical fitness.

The obstacle course includes sprinting, push-ups, wall crawls, hurdles, jumping jacks, sit-ups, tunnel crawls, grueling 20-foot confidence climb, and a 60-meter dash to the finish.

The best thing about this event is that it is free of charge for all ages. The event features lots of activities for the whole family to enjoy like, Xtreme gaming for all ages, rides, food, and on-site programming designed to inspire kids and families to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

But the registration is necessary for all members to participate in the event. The Avenue is to be announced.

I can't wait to go for this fitness challenge with my kids.

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