This lockdown has made each one of us a better cook, why not get expertise?

I'm a food blogger, and before we all got hit by this pandemic, I used to travel a lot in search of different varieties of cuisines. I went to Japan, China, Mongolia, Malaysia, and several other countries in search of venerable varieties of food. But since I'm locked up in the home, a virtual cooking class that too with a teaching chef is an elbow room. I wouldn't have missed it at any cost so I booked for May 19. I will cook this cuisine which sounds mouthwatering even by reading its details. As the chef is a professional, I'm expecting that she will tell a lot more about cooking than just this cuisine. I'm so delighted to welcome this new recipe in my kitchen as well as to my blog.

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I love to share the color of the areas around us. I am a good communicator and find it's easy for me to relate to other people. I really enjoy exploring new things and to provide opportunities to others, so they can find the best around.

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