Traditional Malaysian dishes! Well-maintained short menu at Kedai Makan.

After several attempts, this was my first time at Kedai Mekan. I tried to order online, but I was not able to place it. Their online service is very inconvenient. This time, I walked in with my husband, but the waiting time was too long. Somehow, we managed to get the order. We had Ayam Goreng for $12.50 and Mushroom Pan Mee for $11.50. The aroma zapped the taste of my tongue. I could not wait to taste it. The dining was not available, so we took it into the car. I love how deliciously you can taste each of each bite. Both dishes were marvelous, but I like Mushroom Pan Mee the most. The mushrooms were so fresh which tastes well with the noodles and poached egg. It was a chewy and delicious combination. I would suggest you try to order at 3 pm - 4 pm, so you have a chance of getting your order promptly!

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