These Things Can Lower the Body's Immune System!

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These things can lower your body

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Excellent body immunity is the key so that you avoid various diseases. Because when the body is attacked by various infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria, the immune system is responsible for dealing with them.

Some types of diseases for which there is no known cure, have one of the main preventions, namely increasing the body's immune system. Those with a strong immune system will not be easily infected.

So, start doing ways to increase the body's immune which are safe and medically recommended. In addition, avoid some things that can make the body's resistance decrease:

These 12 things can lower the body's immune system.

1. Eat a lot of processed food

If you often eat processed foods such as canned food or junk food, then it is not surprising that the immune system in the body is very weak.

Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates slow down metabolic processes in the body and make it harder for the immune system to work.

Meanwhile, processed foods can attack the good bacteria in the gut, leaving room for bad bacteria to enter the body and weakening the gut's immune system.

A series of studies conducted in humans and mice have shown that many chemical additives in processed foods can disrupt the gut microbiome.

2. Lack of Sleep

Good quality sleep is one of the main keys to a healthy body. Playing smartphones at night can disrupt sleep rhythms and suppress the hormone melatonin.

If this hormone continues to decrease, sleep disturbances can be a problem faced every night.

Make sure you store all electronic equipment before bed, and set the room temperature and lighting as comfortable as possible. vidalista 60 can help prevent men’s health.

3. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

If drunk in excess, alcoholic beverages can have a negative impact on the body, including lowering the immune system.

Not only lowering the body's immunity, drinking alcoholic beverages can also damage the digestive system and kidney function.

Excessive amounts of alcohol will kill good bacteria. As a result, more bad bacteria will enter the body, causing inflammation in the liver.

When inflamed, the liver will find it difficult to clear toxins in the body, including substances that can lower the immune system.

4. Smoking

Chemical compounds in a cigarette can affect the mucous lining of the respiratory tract, from the nose to the lungs.

When you smoke, your body produces excess mucus and narrows your airways. The lungs will be more difficult to work.

Smoking can also lower antioxidant levels in the blood and increase the risk of pneumonia.

Therefore, immediately stop smoking and replace it with healthier intakes such as fruit and vegetables. Cenforce 100 is also important for

5. Excessive Stress

Excessive stress is believed to lower the body's immune system. The stress of the mind, whether due to chasing deadlines, romance, or others, has been proven to make a person sick more easily.

Because stress can trigger a response in the body that can interfere with the immune system.

6. Rarely exposed to the morning sun

One of the important minerals for the immune system is vitamin D. The main source to get vitamin D is sun exposure.

Lack of exposure to the morning sun risks making the immune system weak due to insufficient vitamin D needs.

7. Less Eating Vegetables and Fruits

A good immune system requires a variety of nutrients, such as zinc, beta carotene, and various vitamins. Well, the main sources of these nutrients are vegetables and fruit.

When you don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, you risk making your immune system not optimal.

8. Rarely Exercising

Regular exercise is perfect for the immune system. Exercise will help improve blood circulation, so white blood cells (one of the main components of the immune system) can reach almost all parts of the body.

Rarely exercising will risk weakening the body's immunity.

9. Taking Corticosteroid Drugs

Conditions such as rheumatism make sufferers often take corticosteroid and anti-inflammatory drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs also have a negative impact on the body by suppressing the work of the immune system.

10. Consumption of lots of fatty foods

Fat can decrease the ability of white blood cells to fight germs. A high-fat diet for a long time will disrupt the balance of good bacteria in the gut, vidalista 20, cenforce 200, aurogra 100 are very important in helping the immune system.

11. Often Drink Sweet Drinks

Various studies have shown that people who frequently consume sugary drinks have higher inflammatory markers than those who rarely.

A study showed that reducing the habit of drinking sugary drinks will reduce these inflammatory markers.

12. Mental Condition Declining

There is evidence that drowning in sadness, especially if it lasts a long time, can lower the immune system! The good news is that the body's immunity will soon return when the sadness is over.

Those are some everyday things that, without you knowing, can lower the body's immune system. Once you know that, it's important to understand how to keep your immune system healthy.

Start by avoiding all things that cause immune system problems. Next, watch your diet. Limit calories, sugar, and fat, and eat more vegetables and fruit.

Vitamin C acts as an important antioxidant for immunity and protects from free radicals. Canker sores and bleeding gums can also be treated with vitamins.

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