Artificial Intelligence: The Next Generation of Automation

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is one of the widely used words in day-to-day life. Tech enthusiasts are always bragging about AI taking over the modern world in terms of processing and power. With a record-breaking market, the AI Industry recorded breathtaking growth in 2021 which was calculated at around $327 Billion!

Artificial Intelligence has changed the whole perspective of working at different levels. Machines are efficiently taught to perform many operations automatically with the Use of AI. Before diving deep into the tactics of AI, let us first understand what AI is?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

With problem-solving in mind, Artificial Intelligence is created to train machines to perform day-to-day tasks and react to specific conditions in different scenarios, Just like a Human Brain.

Artificial Intelligence is the technique in which a machine is programmed to Replicate Human-like Intelligence. It is a simulation of human intelligence by which a Machine performs a thinking process and reacts to specific tasks and operations accordingly. It involves Computer learning, reasoning, solving, and perception processes.

A Brief History of AI
A Brief History of AIUnsplash

Whenever the word AI is heard, people think of it as the concept of the future. The Film industry always describes AI as “The Sorcery of Next Generation”, well it is not the truth.

The term "AI" was coined in the early 1900s by Alan Turing who first recognized the potential of computers to perform intelligently. Later in 1951, Christopher Strachey wrote the first successful computer program that defined the principles of Artificial Intelligence, Later Christopher Strachey became the director of the Programming Research Group at the University of Oxford.

The first AI program named "Strachey’s checkers" was executed in England which evolved into a complete game of Checkers in 1952. From Checkers, AI started its journey of evolution!

From programming the games of Chess to Solving mathematical problems and tasks, AI started performing with beneficial outcomes.

Later in 1956, there were many programs written by Allen Newell and J.Clifford Shaw for solving several theorem problems which introduced the concept of logical reasoning and decision making by the computer system.

Many other pieces of research were performed on data analysis using AI in the late 1980s which laid down the basic principles of automation and computer-generated responses.

The Major Disciplines of Artificial Intelligence

AI has evolved into several different branches each of which carries a world of its own, with different consumers and disciplines, Artificial Intelligence is made up of these major technologies.

Machine Learning

ML or Machine learning is a subfield of AI which is greatly involved in the process of learning. The method by which a model is trained to store and identify different objects is called Machine learning.

Neural Networks

As the word Neural is associated with Neurons of the human system, The neural network system is concerned with creating different patterns of association between the data, Which helps in Logical Reasoning and human-like Intelligence.

NLP or Natural Language Processing

NLP is used to process and understand human languages to interpret information in different languages. Natural Language processing is used in many real-world applications which involve interaction with human Languages, The major example is smartphone assistants such as Siri and Bixby.

How AI Processes The Data

Just like humans, computers also are trained first in order to perform tasks and operations. The backend of AI is no different, the Artificial Intelligence system works by combining large datasets and models to identify and distinguish between different objects.

AI algorithms are programmed for automation, they are fed with raw data to learn different patterns by analyzing features in the data. The data can be in the form of images, text, video, or simply pieces of machine-readable code. This identification and analyzing process of AI is called Machine Learning.

After the Process of analyzing raw data through ML, the data is converted into information by categorizing each and every piece of data. These categories are called Models by which a Machine is trained to perform actions based on the information from these Sets of categorized data.

The functionality is then achieved when the system distinguishes the data, identifies the given task, and reacts accordingly. This is all possible through the process of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and Associated Users

In today's digital world, Artificial Intelligence is widely used by many industries in the world. Most of the sectors rely heavily on the use of Computer processing and interaction for many different purposes.

Playing a Keen Role in the Smartphone world

The smartphone industry is utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology to the maximum! With new and updated cameras to adjust the optimal quality of the image automatically and smart replies which are auto-generated after reading the Email automatically. AI is involved at every step.

Managing Mega Retailers

Most of the online retailers and e-commerce stores are consumers of Artificial Intelligence technology, Giants like Amazon operate their services with the use of AI Tactics. All the stock management and Recommendation assistance are performed by machines that are trained to respond intelligently.

Providing Medical Assistance in Healthcare

Online Healthcare platforms are increasing with each passing day, Artificial Intelligence provides many healthcare services from smaller levels such as reminding the patients to take the medicine to a major level like performing a Remote Surgery.

Protecting the Financial Industry with AI

The Finance industry is one of the hefty consumers of Artificial Intelligence services.

There are many mediums of financing today, and some financial platforms such as cryptocurrency exchange, and online banking have deployed AI Completely to ensure online security and prevent Money Laundering to safeguard customer assets.

Improving Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is using AI to forecast the activities of the firms, It increases efficiency and assists project managers to make better decisions by providing a broad insight of the previously utilized materials and events that occurred.

Artificial Intelligence and its bright future:

We all are well aware of the impact of AI on the world. It has made man's life easy and more comfortable with what it brings with it. Undoubtedly, there is more to come that will revolutionize the world in a great way. It's surely going to take over the IT industry and obviously human life too. Let's have a look at some of its advantages.

Diagnosing Diseases:

AI has been greatly used for learning human genetics through which it will be determined how it can be prevented from that disease. When the disease is diagnosed for a specific gene, the custom drug can be developed for that specific person. It can help a person to not get any kind of allergy or negative impact of the medicine on its body. So many of the side effects of the medicine can be exempted through artificial intelligence. Many medical care units and pharmaceutical companies are adopting AI to make their process easier and faster.

Self-driving Cars:

Artificial intelligence promises to leave its mark on the automobile industry too. Self driving cars have already been introduced which will change the way humans think about driving. Through deep learning cars will be able to recognize the other vehicles and objects, and will be able to go anywhere you ask it to. This will help reduce the accidents because they mostly happen due to human mistakes. When AI will take over the seat less accidents are expected.

Virtual Assistant:

Voice recognition has made human life easy. You don’t have to spend time typing your queries. You can simply search anything by speaking your query. VA’s like Alexa, Siri and many have become so popular in the last decade. People rely on them and are found to be totally satisfied with them. Imagine if they are connected with robots and how impressive they can do.


The revolution of technology has changed the whole perspective of interaction with the digital world. Computers are so smart that they surpass humans when it comes to calculation and work rate. From mimicking human behavior to performing complex processing tasks, AI based document verification has got everything covered. The need for AI is increasing as companies are now moving towards more automated solutions such as self-driving cars and smart houses. AI is the future of technology with more advancements to follow!

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