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Eloy City Council incumbent Jose Garcia says despite election results in August he will continue to serve the community

Alexis Young

Jose Garcia, city council member.Courtesy of EloyAZ.gov.

By Alexis Young / NewsBreak Pinal County, AZ

Eloy City Council incumbent Jose Garcia, is a very busy man. Not only is he running for his second term on City Council while he awaits yet another school year as a seventh grade special education teacher, but he is also involved with several other committees as well.

“Serving our community through these boards […] helped me to see what people want to see in our community, on small scale levels and larger scale levels,” Garcia illustrated.

At the top of Garcia’s agenda is the landfill and Eloy’s business and housing market. In his interview with NewsBreak, Garcia passionately described a tour of 3D printed housing developers and the impact it might have on Eloy. According to Garcia’s plans, he’s hoping the first 3D printed neighborhood in the country will be a permanent fixture in Eloy.

“You can build a brand new home in nine to 12 days,” Garcia said. “If everything goes as they’ve explained to us and as expected, because they’re not hiring the labor force that a stick built home does, it should lower the cost of living.”

From Garcia’s perspective, Eloy has the land it needs to bring the city’s proposed improvements into fruition. From his estimation of well over a 100 square miles he hopes to continue the Eloy’s facelift and restoration of downtown buildings into a full-fledged artists’ community. 

“We are such a huge geographical area; there could also be an area we can dedicate to artists in residence, someplace where they can live, work and showcase their art.”

Though Garcia said Eloy is a little behind the eight ball, he’s confident that innovative solutions will get them where they need to be. His proposed art community is part of that.

“We have to figure out a way not to catch up to the eight ball or ahead of it but completely go around it,” Garcia explained. “Instead of coming from behind we’ll come in from the side and show them that we can do better.”

As a serial volunteer on boards ranging from current service on Corazón de Latinos Unidos to 11 years of past service on Planning and Zoning Commission, if Garcia doesn’t earn the opportunity to continue his service on City Council, he’s “not going anywhere.”

Garcia expounded, “I’m in so many organizations that there’s no way to ignore me — and I don’t mean to sound boisterous — but the truth is, as a teacher, we still hear a lot; we still have a strong reach.”

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